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Fossil Sales Information


To complete fossil purchases, e-mail us at

Please Provide the code(s) if available or the description of the individual fossils or just copy and paste part of the description into the e-mail. Because our orders vary in size from single items to hundred or thousands, we do not use a shopping cart.

Payment methods are: personal check, money order, PayPal or major credit cards through paypal (also see below): We also accept purchase orders.

Upon request, we will provide an address for checks and money orders to be mailed.

  • Pay Pal - Pay:

    Major credit cards are only accepted through PayPal, but you do not need to open a PayPal account. E-mail me first at . and I will send you a link to pay with VISA, Mastercard, Discover or AMEX. You will link to a secure site providing payment and other information (this way, I avoid handling your confidential information).

Warm regards, John

Shipping policy: Shipping in the U.S. is stated on the item description page. I also ship International. As a general rule, shipping to Europe will run about twice that in the U.S, and shipping to Asia somewhat more than Europe.

Regarding payment methods: In this day and age of concerns over identity theft, I will only accept credit card payments through PayPal, thereby not needing to handle your private information. Given that large department stores and banks get hacked, we will no longer take a chance. PayPal has an extremely secure system, and is liable for security breaches. You will not need to have or have to get a PayPal account in order to make PayPal payments via credit cards. In the process, we will e-mail you a secure link where you can enter your relevant information, and, when completed, PayPal will e-mail me a notice of your payment.