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Fossil Kit 1 - Our most popular

Fossil kit 1 contains 12 hand-picked fossils as shown below. Each fossil is individually bagged with a 4 1/4 by 2 1/2 inch colored card providing taxonomic, geologic time, and other information pertinent to the fossils. The estimated retail value of the fossils alone in this kit, if separately bought, is some $45.

Click the links to see enlargements of individual fossils and description cards; these individual pages can also be printed for classroom use.

Elrathia kingii

Phylum Arthropoda; Class Trilobita; Order Ptychopariida; Family Ptychoparioidea
Utah, U.S.A.
Scyphocrinites sp. Crinoid Fossil Stems
Phylum Echinodermata; Subphylum Crinozoa; Class Crinoidea; Subclass: Ammonoidea; Order Camerata
Alnif, Morocco
Geisenoceras sp. Nautiloid Fossil
Phylum Mollusca; Class Cephalopoda; Subclass Nautiloidea; Order Orthocerida; Family Orthoceratidae
Erfoud, Morocco
Lower Pennsylvanian (Carboniferous)
Barbouria sp. Rugose Fossil Coral
Phylum Cnidaria; Class Anthozoa; Genus Barbouria
Ely Limestone, Millard County, Utah
Petrified Wood of Conifer
Kingdom Plantae, Division Pinophyta, Class Pinopsida
Acrosalenia sp.
Echinoid (Sea Urchin) Fossil

Phylum Echinodermata; Class Echinoidea; Superorder Echinacea; Order Salenioida; Family; Acrosalenidae, Genus Acrosalenia
Jurassic to Cretaceous
Ammonite Fossil
Phylum Mollusca; Class Cephalopoda; Subclass: Ammonoidea
(all ammonites are extinct)

Gourama, Morocco
Dinosaur Bone
Phylum Chordata; Class Sauropsida; Subclass Diapsida; Superorder Dinosauria; Order Saurischia;
North America
Rhyonchonella sp. Articulate Brachiopod
Phylum Brachiopoda; Class Articulata; Order Rhynchonellida; Genus Genus
(an extant genus)

Late Cretaceous
Bivalve Oyster Fossil
Ilymatogyra arietina (Roemer, 1849)
Phylum Mollusca; Class Bivalvia (Oysters)
Upper Washita Group, Del Rio Formation, Austin, Texas

Theropod Dinosaur Egg Shell
Oviraptor sp.
Phylum Chordata; Class Sauropsida; Subclass Diapsida; Superorder Dinosauria; Order Saurischia; Suborder Theropoda

Fossil Shark Tooth
Phylum Chordata; Subphylum: Vertebrata; Class: Chondrichthyes
North Africa