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Educational fossils: The fossils in this store are chosen and priced for the educational community, and can be great teaching tools for individual classrooms or for entire school districts.

Build you own fossil collection: This section provides fossil collections, some organized by diverse phylum, some across geological time, some by fossil site, or some combination of these. Each fossil has a unique code identifier enabling you to choose individual fossils to make up your own collection, or create a collection for a gift. Generally speaking, the fossils here are smaller and less expensive and not rare, but are quality fossils nonetheless, a smorgasboard for beginning a fossil collection or adding to it, regardless of your age.

Individual Fossils: There are also some very high quality fossils here, well-priced for the individual collector.

Note regarding fossil size: Fossils are photographed on a copy stand with a base that has a 1 inch square grid. From this you can estimate the size of the fossils.

Each fossil has a unique code. Compile a list of the codes of the fossils you want, and then visit the Fossil Sales Information page. You will receive a quote with shipping.

Make your selections from among the fossil categories below, and receive the following discount depending on total purchase amount:

5% for $50.00 or more total
10% for $100.00 or more total
15% for $200.00 or more total
Inquire for purchases totaling over $500

Because most of these fossils have small dimensions, quite a few can be packed in USPS flat rate priority shipping boxes. The prices for the U.S. are below - International more:
Small flat rate: $5.80
Medium flat rate: $12.35
Large flat rate: $16.85


Educational & Fossil Collection Categories:

Fossil Amber
Ammonites and Nautiloids
Dinosaur and Reptile Fossils
Cambrian Explosion Fossils
Fish Fossils
Insect Fossils
Invertebrate Fossils
Plant Fossils
Insect Fossils
Invertebrate Fossils
Mammals and Vertebrate Fossils
Crinoids and Echinoderm Fossils
Mammals and Vertebrate Fossils