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Serving the educational community with the best values from the fossil capital of the United States in Delta, Utah

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We supply the educational product suppliers. By dealing directly with us, you'll obtain the highest quality, bulk and educational fossils and fossil kits for sale at the best prices. No customer is too small or too large. Keep returning as my product line will constantly be expanding in the months ahead. Link here for fossil sales information.

A Note to Our Customers: They say – “be careful what you wish for”. I have been so overwhelmed by business that I have been limited in my time for fossil collecting. I have thus turned the management of this web site over to Entangled Bank Productions. In addition, some of my fossil kits are now also stocked by the Fossil Scapes website, along with other fine fossils for sale.

We are now putting in place the capability of fulfilling very large fossil kit sales orders. We can do this because we have the best supply chain that’s direct and literally “in the ground”. Other fossil kit suppliers must manage a complex supply chain, are unwilling to commit to, and warehouse quantity, and are more interested in rock bottom low input prices than quality. Frankly, it’s less work and hassle for us to directly supply the educational system rather do it than through middlemen. We can now provide our most popular fossil kit number 1 in very large quantity.

Finally, we have plans as time allows for providing extensive printable educational materials to accompany our fossils, and eventually even PowerPoint presentations for the classroom.

Best regards, Robert

Fossil Kits for Sale

- We believe our fossil kits are far and away the best value available anywhere (cherry-picked specimens and educational backup material for students, parents and teachers)

Individual Educational Fossils for Sale

- single fossils and lots of 10 of exceptional quality - build your own fossil kits by selecting just what you want

Selected Fine Individual Fossils for Sale

- mostly single collector grade fossils, usually from Western Fossils quarry leases

Bulk Educational Fossil Lots for Sale - (This section is temporarily closed)

- lots of 100; 1,000; 5,000; and 10,000 fossils, oriented to re-sellers and educational institutions such as entire school districts.

Wholesale Fossils for Sale

- lots of collector grade fossils intended for fossil dealers

Fossil Books

- Travel to the land of the real dragons of the deep and monsters that ruled the planet before dinosaurs. Travel with the fossil hunters as they encounter extreme field conditions, from the deserts of the Sahara and Yemen to the frozen wastes of Antarctica. And examine all the major questions surrounding evolution.

Fossil Posters

Coming soon: dinosaur models; fossil replicas; diverse wholesale flats of fossils

Also visit or friends at Fossil Mall for more educational fossils.

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