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Fossil Sales Information

Fossil Kits for Sale

We believe our fossil kits are far and away the best value available anywhere (cherry-picked specimens and educational backup material for students, parents and teachers)

Individual Educational Fossils or Build Your Own Fossil Collection

The fossils in this store are chosen and priced for the educational community, and can be great teaching tools for individual classrooms or for entire school districts. Most are fine fossils for more serious collectors to consider.

Assembled Fossil Collections

Specially priced grouping of fossils, especially for young people and beginning collectors.

Bulk Wholesale and Educational Fossil Lots

Bulk pricing appropriate for school districts, museum stores or brick and mortor stores.

Fossil Stoneware

Home decor & serving platters.

Other Fine Fossils for Sale

We also have a selection of finer fossils or less common species.

Fossil Jewelry